Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UNpaid internsexxx #20109291 FUCK YOUR WAY TO THE TOP

Choose your own adventure (and earn a styling credit in the NEW work of Mysti and Ripsy): We need looks for 4 characters in our mini-conceptual-series. Here are the characters:

Pity: Fleeting inner beauty and financial impotence lead him to question the health of his abusive relationship.
Coma: Estranged in her partnership and too simple for her surroundings, she finds new love, inter-species love.
Universe: Successfully rules the financial sector with her lesbianism but merely tithes her capitol to God, via a financial dominatrix in Milwaukee.
Piss: A successful Xtube producer troubled with the invitation to monetize her video account, endlessly scrupples in letters to a prisoner named Christ. Can she somehow make Xtube a pay-what-you-can, environmentally minded institution? Is she that powerful--surely not without the energy harnessed only by the erotic desires of a free audience?

Yes. This is real. UB2. Send an image of the look, and a couple sentences outlining why the character needs to wear your blazer, your sports-bra, your mother's earrings, etc. We have no money for dry-cleaning so please expect your garments to be returned slightly soiled. 

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