Monday, May 19, 2014


Is unpaid labor, be it professional or DIY, an acceptable tool within queer feminist practice? Is the invocation of 'community' a hollow one when used to request unpaid leave from paid jobs, accrued personal costs as assumed donations, and unspecified amounts of time that could be used for other things like jerking off. Can a community of unpaid laborers create a project owned by a single author? 

Kickfarter and indie-agogo: Do they really fund art? Or are they simply vehicles for consuming outside our means? Rich kids with supportive families being the most likely to cash in... Furthermore, a budget devoured by location, transport, long-term camera and equipment rental before considering the cost of employing people legitimately resembles to me only the standard movements of an unquestioning consumer within a now globalized neoliberal moment that seeks an absolute devaluation of labor. Is making any money from free labor conscionable? 

*Mysti asks questions while seeking no answers whatsoever. Tune in or zone out cause she doesn't care. There will be no Q&A under any circumstances, only drinks, public gropes and imminent potentiality for a hog pile of hatefuckers, cause alongside all the good qualities of community, violence exists as well. Tonight please embrace Mysti, the finger-pointer, as an opportunity to loosen your tight holes. 

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